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ANNOUNCEMENT: 2022 Annual General Meeting

The STRAT&SEC Society's Annual General Meeting is coming soon!

Getting involved in the board is an amazing opportunity to develop new skills and work closely with like-minded people and it looks amazing on your CV too!

All board positions will be open for election, so if this is something you would enjoy doing next year, don't hesitate and get involved! The link to apply will be posted here shortly!

Brief summary of each board positions
President: Responsible for leading the society and its overall management
Vice-President: Responsible for assisting the president in leading the society and its overall management
Secretary: Responsible for directing meetings, taking notes, compiling the agenda, and assure coherence to our constitution
Treasurer: Responsible for the society's finances
Director of Communications: In charge of communication, taking care of social media and other channels, creating weekly content, dissemination of important information about the society to the public, and promoting the Society externally.
Director of Marketing and Professional Development: In charge of promotional activity related to the society, networking, and ensuring a wider reach to the public. Additionally, in charge of giving students opportunities to enhance their career prospects through the society.
Officer for Welfare and Human Resources: In charge of liaising with the year representatives, receiving feedback from them, and ensuring the society is meeting their expectations. Additionally, responsible for engaging the student body with opportunities to work on our projects and ensuring other departments are effectively staffed.
Head of Projects: In charge of the four project departments: Education, Intelligence, External Relations, and Information Technology and overseeing the operations of each of these departments and ensure that they are running functionally.
Social Secretary: In charge of engaging the student body by organising and hosting social events
Project Manager for Education: Responsible for the planning, organization and hosting of educational speakers for bi-weekly events throughout the semester.
Project Manager for War Games: In charge of organizing the society's wargaming events.
Project Manager for Digital Media: In charge of the society's digital media needs, namely a podcast that is planned to be launched this summer.
Project Manager for Intelligence: Responsible for overseeing the conduct of research and realise regional intelligence briefs and other reports.
Project Manager for Information Technology: In charge of setting up a society website, its design, its maintenance, and finding ways to improve it.
Project Manager for External Relations: In charge of collaborative projects between the society and external organisations. These organisations may include other Glasgow University societies, societies at other Scottish universities, international organisations, and charities.

For a more detailed explanation of each role/responsibility, please get in touch over our social media!
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