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Intelligence Department

The STRAT&SEC society is working to give students at UofG the opportunity to participate in academic research into contemporary security risks around the world. The society is achieving this through the independent publishing of collaborative reports, produced by small teams of volunteer researchers and edited by the Board of the STRAT&SEC society. By participating, you will be embedded in a research team that best suits your skills and interests, playing a key role in the writing of security reports, whilst cultivating new networks and interdisciplinary conversations.

Every semester we’ll recruit volunteer researchers to join our research teams. At the moment, our research is structured surrounding five broad geographical regions:

  • Africa

  • Americas

  • Arctic/Polar Regions

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Europe and Central-Asia

  • Middle East and Northern Africa

Other Security topics within the future could be available (demographics, energy, water, cyber etc.)

To sign up as volunteer researcher, keep an eye on our social media. We’ll regularly recruit researchers for research projects. Alternatively, send in an open application, using the following button:

When we begin a new project, you’ll be the first to know!

Do you have a research proposal, and would you like to set up a team yourself? Please register your interest as volunteer research team lead, using the following button: 

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