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Consortium of International Security Studies (CISS)

In 2021, the University of Glasgow STRAT&SEC society became one of the core founders of the biggest joint-University Security network in the world. The Consortium of International Security Societies is made up of four partner societies from three institutions:

  • The Global Security Initiative at Australian National University

  • KCL Intelligence and Security Society at Kings’ College London

  • The Strategy and Security Society at University of Glasgow


Through this partnership we aim to extend our missions and ambitions to a global scale, setting a leading example for all student-led security societies. Our activities include the completion of collaborative research projects, through which we give our members both research experience and networking opportunities.

Find out more about our partners below!

Global Security Initiative
KCL Intelligence and Security

Strategic Intelligence Association (GUSIA)

The STRAT&SEC society was founded alongside the Student Strategy and Security Journal (3SJ) in 2020, with some of the founding members being part of both endeavours. Whereas our cooperation was previously only sporadic or on a ad hoc basis, our two organisations are now embarking on a brand-new endeavor of formalized, mutual cooperation through the Glasgow University Strategic Intelligence Association. The GUSIA will see STRAT&SEC and 3SJ pool our teams’ resources and engagement in joint-projects. The first of such activities entails the writing of summary reports of the academic events we host, written under guidance of the Journal. This initiative will give both societies’ members the opportunity to get published in a recognized journal during their degree.

Find out more about 3SJ below!

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