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About Us

Our Story

The Strategy and Security Society is a student-led, non-profit organisation and is a constituent of the University of Glasgow Students’ Representative Council. The Society’s primary aim is to connect students interested in security issues in the contemporary world. 


We at the University of Glasgow, know and understand that we live in unusual times, with an ever increasingly complex world we find ourselves in. As such, the society generates the perfect nexus for attempting to both understand the intricate security worlds we find ourselves inhabiting and seeking to study it.


Founded in 2020, the society has since found humble beginnings, to being the core founder of the biggest joint-University Security network in the world. The Consortium of International Security Societies (CISS) is made up of our partner institutions - Australian National University and Kings’ College London - we aim to extend our mission and ambitions to a global scale, setting a leading example for all student-led Security societies. 


In order to fulfil our ambitions, the society organises weekly educational events, where we invite distinguished speakers of their respective fields, to engage with our membership. In addition, we encourage students to fulfil their potential through a variety of projects, including our Intelligence Department’s research projects.

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